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Bakers resort a harmonious combination of nature where you can enjoy lush  greeneries, whispering sea breeze and the murmering surf. Rejuvenate your body and  soul


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We welcome YOU heartily to Kerala the land of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the most renowned, the most trusted and the oldest. System of treatment practiced successfully for centuries. Research and constant practice by brilliant scholars and expert doctors have given a new dimension to this ancient medical science without any side effects almost all ailments are now cured by Ayurveda. It is the only ray of hope for thousands of patients all over the world.


The two celebrated forms of Ayurvedic treatments are called Athuravritham and Swasthavritham.The former curative and the latter preventive. Athuravritham prescribes treatments and medicines for all illness. Swasthavritha: aims at pre-diagnosing possible aliments and proposing preventive measures to avert bouts of diseases in future. It is a mode of treatment, which rejuvenates body and Mind, and preserves and strengthens the natural immune system. Therefore a periodic AYURVEDIC check-up is needed not only to those who are ill but also to everyone.


UDVARTHANAM :Even modern medicine acknowledges this traditional AYURVEDIC treatment method. Under this method obesity (excess body weight and fleshy body) effectively cured with 21 days

KSHARASUTHRAM Kshara Suthram is surgical treatment for Fistula. The Surgery is carried out in a reconditioned operation theatre, using sterilized surgical instruments by specially qualified Ayurvedic surgeons under the supervision of anesthetist. It is true that modern medicines too perform surgery for Fistula. But reoccurrence is very common. There is little chance of reoccurrence after Ayurvedic surgery.

ABHYANGAM Special type of oil massaging is the essence of this treatment. This is very effective for revitalizing the body during rheumatic pains and obesity. If people above 30 years undergo this treatment once a month, the result would be quite amazing.

NAVARAKIZHI This rejuvenating treatment invigorates the body and mind in 7 days. OTHER TREATMENTS 

MEDICATED STEAM BATH At first the body is massaged thoroughly with medicated oil. Then certain precious herbal leaves and herbs are boiled and the steam is passed over the whole body for 10 to 20 minutes. Latter the body is cleaned in medicated lukewarm water. This treatment rejuvenates the body and delays the aging process. Skin becomes youthful and glowing.



Pizhichil: For rheumatic diseases, back pain, sexual weakness, nerve weakness, etc.

Dhara: For insomnia, headache, and etc.

Vasthi: - For gastric complaints, gas trouble, constipation, etc.

Sirovasthi: - For headache, migraine, peenasam, etc.

Snehapanam - For psoriasis, skin diseases, etc.

Kizhi: For osteoarthritis, arthritis swelling, spondilosis, sports injuries, etc.



Catering service as per Ayurvedic diet. Specially prepared Ayurvedic medicines, excellent service. We provide food" specially prepared, following AYURVEDIC text. No modern chemicals for flavor or color are added. 'Vegetables, fibrous fruits, leaves and" herbs are used for preparing food. An Ayurvedic diet aims at developing a healthy body and a sound mind: 
[ Rejuvenate your body and soul. ]

The resort consists of 22 double bedrooms including 7 suits and is  classified as  3 star resort.


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